Fixed, Quoted, Direct

Fixed Price - the simplest way to promote loads where you set the price

Fixed Price allows you to set the price of a load and promote it to a Network of approved carriers. Only the carriers in your Network can see the load on offer. If the load meets the needs of a Carrier they can "take" the load, instantly allocating it to themselves and removing it from the network so it can no longer be seen by your Smart Networks.

1 Create 1 or more Networks of approved carriers.
2 Allocate the load to the network.
3 Carrier agrees to your terms and "takes" the load.
4 Load is allocated to the Carrier.
5 Carrier delivers load as per your contracted terms.

What software do I need to access the web Portal?

vinDELIVER runs in any modern web browser. The site looks its best in Google Chrome but it is also supported in Internet Explorer (compatibility mode) and Safari.

Is there a limit to the number of carriers I can have?

You can use as many or as few carriers as you like in a Smart Network.

Is there a limit to the number of networks I can have?

You can use as many Smart Networks as you like and however you like. You can could create them based on geography, capability or if you like them or not.

Is there a limit to the number of users I can have?

There are no limits on how many users that you have on the system.

Can I import or save customers or places I go to make data input easier?

You can import data into the system and save data for reuse at a later date to help speed up the process of data entry

Can I export data out of the system?

We make all data collected available to you so that you can export data into your systems for billing, auditing, updating etc.

Can customers input data for me?

You can give your customers direct access to the system to allow them to input data and view collected data.

Is the data stored and backed up?

All data is stored and backed up in a highly secure hosting facility. No customer or user has direct access to the data or databases. vinDELIVER is hosted at, a world leader in cloud and managed hosting services.

Can I get the data into my system?

Using the vinDELIVER API all data can be transferred from a Shippers system and into a Carriers system.