Smart Networks

Smart Networks is a new way to communicate your demand for carrier capacity. Rather than spending valuable time and resources on finding capacity, let it find you in a controlled and managed fashion. Smart Networks allows you to build networks of approved carriers and to communicate to them using electronic methods. The application puts in place a managed process for placing, taking and bidding for work. All information is recorded electronically and can be easily retrieved and reported on.

Carrier Networks

Build networks of approved carriers based on your carrier management requirements such as geography, insurance, service and capability. Cascade networks to automatically move loads over time to expand your carrier reach while maintaining control of who sees your loads.

Automatic Notification

Automatically, online and in real-time notify your carriers of new loads and of loads they have been awarded. All information is recorded and time stamped for retrieval or use in reporting.

Measure and Benchmark

Allows you to record, measure and benchmark performance based on recorded information. Analyse cents per mile, provide metrics for carrier management and performance, make better decisions based on quantitative data.

Expand your networks

Get access to more carriers and shippers, more work, more capacity and more demand.